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HELLO !  I'm Jadyn and welcome to KJ Wear!

At 12 years old I attended my first Christmas Craft Show and was inspired to start my own business "Jadyn's Crafty Corner". My intent was to make a little money with my cricut and raise money for my local school. Using our kitichen my Mom and I started printing shirts for school sports teams and clubs.   At the age of  16 Jadyn's Crafty Corner has transformed into "KJ WEAR"! Thank you to all my friends and family for supporting my crafting passion. It has been and a lot of fun and work, and it's so rewarding to see people walk by with one of my designed shirts.


KJ Wear is able to produce the one of a kind shirt or  large quantity shirt orders.  We recently purchased a state of the art direct to garment printer that makes full color prints on a shirt  in a matter of minutes.

We are now in production of school spirit shirts, company logo shirts, funny quotes and seasonal shirts. Plus, we can even print on shoes!


KJ WEAR would like to continue with their fundraising projects and chairities. Our goal is to give a precentage of shirts sales back to childrens charities, schools and other worthy causes. I am so excited to make a difference in our world. Hope to see you in a Jadyn’s shirt soon!